Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Covid 19 negative environmental footprint

Kgang Moloko

Phokeng village – Rustenburg

Bojanala District – Northwest

21 May 2021

Covid 19 has brought a lot of changes in our life’s and it has introduced new ways of living, with people spending less time at funerals and other functions has brought the use of disposables I have noticed around the village how this is making impact on the environment.

 People are throwing disposables all over and they are also found on river streams..before covid diapers could be seen thrown in the bushes, river streams or where people feel to be their dumping side…now we have disposable formo packages and disposable musks can be found on the streets which is a health hazard.

Some community members still needs education about healthy environment and green living,the health hazards of throwing away musk that may contain covid virus,the contents of diapers flowing into the streams.