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Each one teach one

30/04/2021/Francina Nkosi/Limpopo/Lephalale/Shongoane village

 Each one teach one

30 APRIL 2021

We turn to forget to educate our future generation or maybe listening  to them, lend an ear to their minds.

I have a group of girls who were clueless about Gender Base Violence but after talking to them, they were open to talk about issues they see happening at school regarding their friends. 

We meet every Sunday to learn from each other and motivate each other. 

What we do every day is drawing about how we feel. 

Do poems and talk to each other 

I am happy because more kids are interested in joining the group. For me it’s an achievement of saving lives from committing suicide and walking around without information. 

Let’s share our love it will save lives

By Francina Nkosi