Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Environmental and recycling education needed

24/03/2021/Mmabore Mogashoa/Limpopo/Sekhukhune,Ga-Mogashoa

Plastic is dangerous especially in rivers, ocean and in the fields. Cattle that ate plastic lose weight because it is taking lot of space in the stomach. Sometime a cow is given coke so that the plastic can come out. People need to reduce plastic use as it pollutes the environment. Suppliers of products need to package their products in paper or glass containers. Most people drink coldrink/juice and are in plastic bottles. On 24 March 2021 I was passing next to Semene river when  I saw plastic

bottles next to were animals drink water. I concluded that someone had a party/selling drinks and after collecting the empty bottles s/he decided to dump them next to the river at night or while there were no people around. It was only empty plastic bottles. Beer bottles were not there and I thought that since they can be recycled that person kept them. Plastic bottles can be reused and to safe out environment people need to dispose them in a right way

By Mmabore Mogashoa