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Food parcels

22/04/2021/Suzan Moraba/Limpopo/Sekhukhune,Maandagshoek


Food parcels

Since Covid 19 started in 2020 March, people who are unemployed were receiving food from different sources like the mining companies, private businesses and from government departments.

On 21 April 2021 the food parcels handouts started again as the communities of Maandagshoek received the food parcels from the department of social development.

The food contains 2X12.5 maize meals, 2l cooking oil, 2x 1kg samp, 8 tin fish, 2kg rice, 2 kg beans, 6 X 1l fresh milk.

All this food hamper was given to unemployed families where there is no one working.

By Suzan Moraba