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No social distancing at local clinic

30/04/2021/ Mmabore Mogashoa/Limpopo/Sekhukhune,Tshehlwanen

30 April 2021

No social distancing at local clinic

Tshehlwaneng clinic is located at Tshehlwaneng area and people form ward12 and 13 wake up in the morning to que at the gate. It is only one clinic for more than 10 villages. Those who are lucky use transport but most walk to the clinic and  it is more than an hour walk. It is risky to walk outside while it is dark but there is no other option. Some areas have long trees and aloes but there are no alternative roads one can use. Young women take their babies for vaccination and during winter you can imagine how difficult it is to walk for more than an hour with a baby at you back. People que outside to wait for the security guys to open the gates and give them numbers and it is where the problem is. We are still under Covid19 but while queueing at the gate people don’t maintain social distance. Some have to stand and others sit on the ground as there are no chairs outside.

By Mmabore Mogashoa