Tunatazama - Community Monitors


23/02/2021/Margret Molomo/ Limpopo/Mokopane

Community members of Mokopane  Ga Kgubudi says no to their LAND.

Two groups

of community members are fighting for their LAND rights.The first group is fighting for their ploughing field LAND and  the second group is fighting for their residents where the mine has forcefully relocated them in order to erect a fence for a storm water drain from the mine operation.

It has started on Saterday 24 February 2021 when the traditional council of Ga Kgubudi called a community meeting,in that meeting they offered R54 000  pay 2once off for ploughing field  compensation. Community members refused an offer.On Sanday 25 February they call a meeting again and proposed another offer of R100 000.Community members refused an  told the traditional council members that they are negotiating with the mine with the help of an activist Mr Aubrey Langa from  MEJCON SA.And they will be having a meeting on the 27th

of February 2021

Today at Oasis Hotel community members are having a meeting with the mine. The purpose of the this  meeting of this two group’s is to have  an agreement with the mine on how much they can be compensated for their ploughing field LAND and  for being forcefully relocated from their residential area.