Tshepo Mmusi

Joubertorn -Klerksdorp

21 May 2021

The city of Matlosana is in turmoil, every public building structure is under a threat of being vandalised and eventually end up being a white elephant. Buildings which are supposed to be generating revenue and stimulate the cities economy are in dilapidated and in a devastating conditions. Building infrastructures such as Rabatho guest house in extension 1 which was firstly used as a police station and later converted to be a fire station is one of the buildings that is in a bad state. Residents and thieves have taken and looted everything from it and it has become a safety hazard to the residents of extension 1. Young boys are seen getting in to smoke drugs, and it has become a den for drugs and criminal activities. This building could have been put to good use, and be converted into a youth centre. Klerksdorp abattoir is another example of a neglected facility. It used to provide employment to residents of Matlosana and today it is shut down and is being vandalised. Another government facility of concern is Goudkopie heritage hill which is not operational. This is a tourist attraction area where the city and its people’s heritage should be preserved. The place is closed with no one having an interest to preserve its significance, and this is a worrying factor as our heritage will erode and it will be difficult for future generations to trace their ancestoral backgrounds.

All three infrastructures which are left to rot have the potential to create jobs for our graduates and young people, but government is turning a blind eye.

The problem lies with our political leaders who are only concerned about political power, corruption and looting state resources. Our government of the day is divided, and no one wants to be held accountable. The ANC leadership has made it clear that anyone who is implicated of a crime or is investigated or prosecuted should step down. Today we have characters such as the secretary general of the ANC not willing to do so. Such characters, justify and defend corruption hence today we have so many white elephants because state resources have been re-directed into their pockets.