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Racism in schools

By John Taolo
Limpopo Province, Maandagshoek
As a former student from an Independent school and who has experienced and witnessed how pupils are treated by certain teachers and which is still happening even this year. The teachers and pupils are with different beliefs, citizenship and cultures. In burgersfort some private schools have racism because of the foreign citizens that choose or have favorite students whom they share the same beliefs and culture.
Foreign teachers are the fear of all students because of what they do and say to students at school. They are given roles which they don’t deserve and take advantage of doing favors for their brothers and sisters and even sharing information which other students they have.
South African students are sometimes beaten by their own teachers and they set rules which they fail to follow and they end up getting punished, other students also gang up and cause chaos at schools and the matter is not addressed as teachers are not concerned about bullies at schools but the teachers are different from each other and listen to the headmasters. As students just because they don’t speak or have the same beliefs and language doesn’t mean they should be criticized.
They should respect us as normal citizens and treat us the same as they treat others. The foreign teachers often use vulgar to students and punish them in a brutal way, they make them clean their cars, clean toilets as a punishment which is not good for a student because it causes trauma to others.
Governments should intervene in making laws for independent/ private schools and take responsibility in making them accountable for any claims made by students and a private institution that deals with school cases should be made available for students who report incidents to prevent further incidents that may occur in future as schools are becoming more corrupt because they are not monitored and to often check schools and search teachers staff rooms. There should be a call- center number which students should use as other matters are happening at schools and because of fear are not reported.