Tunatazama - Community Monitors

The Covid Vaccine

Maandagshoek (Burgersfort)
Susan Moraba

The Covid vaccine registration for the elderly has started in the nearby clinic.
In Maandagshoek and the surrounding areas, homebased care workers have visited the elderly to notify them that registration has opened for them to get the vaccine and those who wishes to get the vaccine were told to go the the nearby clinic or to the community halls where they will be getting the vaccine.
Other elderly people who have mixed feelings about the vaccine were chasing the care workers out of their yards saying they don’t want to be killed, why are they coming to tell them about the vaccine when they don’t want nothing to do with it. They also said the vaccine is going to make them more sick and it’s better if they drink traditional herbs than taking the vaccine.
The pensioner said she has grand children to take care of and if she takes the vaccine and die who will take care of them. The people are not yet keen to vaccine.

As the care takers ste trying their best to educate them about the importance of the vaccine, they don’t want to hear about it. Others said the will vaccine to prevent the killing virus from infecting more as the 3rd wave is already in other provinces.