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The Invisibility of the Police Services!

Petrus Moshe


The Section 205 of South African stipulates articulate clearly that Police Services is to combat crime any forms of Crime which threatens to the Community.

Basing upon this constitutional background, the Democratic Alliance took a March on street in Stilfontein on 20/05/2021 against invisibility of the Police within the Municipality in which police failed them. The March consisted not only political party but other community members presented their concern which were raised.

The March proceeded from OK Park to  Police Station to  Station, the same vicinity,  Stilfontein whereby Memorandum of demands of was handed by the Spoken person of the Municipality of Matlosana, Democratic Alliance, and P. R. Councillor, Porcia Burrell to the Station Commissar, Colonel Selehelo,

Amongst concern I raised from the memorandum which need to spearheaded that need an immediate attention raised:

– The is increase in drugs dealings, and police don’t do follow up

– unavailability of police vans

– Housebreaking which is not attended by Police officials,

– Zama Zamas whom some police are in payrolls for this illegal activity

– Illegal Tavern owners who bribes police for not meeting legal measures,

This indeed, compromised then work of the police, especially when memorandum is giving those who are really participating in this and contributing to this to give an answer within seven days.  “The gun pointing to own self “

The following steps are considered to applied if the Station Commissar doesn’t to respond to concerns and grievances demands to take matter