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Unemployment In Magakala

28/04/2021/ Mmathapelo  Thobejane/Limpopo/Sekhukhune,Ditwebeleng village 


Unemployment In Magakala 

It has been more than 5 years  since people lost their job and the mine has been put on under care and maintenance. People from Magakala were depending on mine jobs since 2004 and it was very sad for them to lose their jobs in 2016.

Lats week SÀMANCOR came to the area doing consultation about the new mine that has been discovered again at Magakala. People are excited and they hope its their time to get jobs,  the mine use the old method of hiring communities by putting  the ID (identity documents) in side tie bowl and mix together  and they took out one by one until they get the number they are looking  for.

For the first time this made community excited and they are thinking that is the best and fair way of hiring.

Communities elected their representatives and some were not excited about it because the mine came straight  to the community and they elected people  they wanted.

The question is” the discovery of Chrome in Magakala will it make things better or worsen the community health?”

I spoke to one of the community members who is very happy and think this is what the were waiting for since Twickenham mine was put under care and maintenance.  The life span of the mine is estimated to 40 years and it is for their future. 

I personally worried about the health of the community and the environment not to mention the house cracking.  We are now surrounded by mines left right and centres, open cast and the shaft or underground mines.

By Mmathapelo Thobejane