Tunatazama - Community Monitors

23/05/2021/Commmunitymonitor/Margret Molomo/Limpopo/Mokpane, Masodi village

: Follow up story.

 Today in Early Don the delegates from the mayor of Blouberg municipality had join the community members meeting at Early Don as they promised to come and help the community of Lewaneng and Early Don about PTM Waterberg mine. Community leaders of the two Villages had show and read the letters that they wrote to the municipality complaining about PTM mine and the municipality did not respond. They apologise to the community members.and promise that they will do the right thing. But we exlpain to them that they are late because we have already send a section 54 letter to DMRE Regional Manager of Limpopo province and we have also waiting the respond of the appeal from DMRE Limpopo province. They were not happy and left the meeting.

By Margret Molomo