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Churches, yes to Vaccination

Petrus Moshe

On the 03/06/2021, Boxer in Klerksdorp turn be the place whereby Vaccination was done. The Churches affiliated to South African Council of Churches, and social wings of Bishops Conference Justice and Peace, here in Klerksdorp and Caritas join national campaign of registering the elders from 60 years of age and upwards.
The Churches has felt that there is moral obligations and responsibility to encourage people register and vaccinate. It is their prophetic roles especially when rumours are being wide spread on the scepticism of Vaccine.
On one of the local Economical Network supported the World Health Organisation and Scientific Research which was conducted on Johnson Johnson is efficient and effective.
On the contrary the campaign was to be done on the will of people decision, but not coerce anybody.
The proceedings went pretty well, though others refuse to register on watsup link because their scarce that they can be affected by the vaccine.
This campaign must also extended to the farm who are far remote hence the second registering will be done on farms around District. The Churches and Civil Societies must continue to engage and educating people about the important of vaccine, to dispel myths conception on vaccine,” Johnson Johnson ” it can destroy and weaken the immune system.