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Creating Green Jobs

25/05/2021/Communitymonitor/Mmathapelo Thobejane/Limpopo/Sekhukhune, Ditwebeleneng Village  

Limpopo, Sekhukhune Ditwebeleng village 

26 May 2021

Greening our communities is one of our objectives  as women from different villages in Magakala (Madifahlane,Dithabaneng,Morapaneng,Ditwebeleng ,Seokodibeng and Modimolle . This initiative was established  to improve the  health and education settings for people especially women ,regardless of income or background. 

We started small and this year we are planting 1 hacter  to supply our communities with fresh vegetables and also teach our fellow women to start home garden. As we are facing winter season we know that where people  from start to demand vegetables like spinash, Chinese spinash, cabbage ,and onions because  our indigenous vegetables like Mphodi,Kgorosha,Helen,Thepe are no longer accessible because they grow only in summer in sekhukhune land.

The group of 8 women are coming together  ploughing and sharing ideas especially indigenous knowledge around farming.  ” This year we are looking  to expand  our work and start selling chicken eggs . Our families will never go to  on bed empty stomach and we also manage to have some little  income after selling  our veggies “said one of the farmers .

SEBOTSHIAMO started very small and they had no ideas  on what they were doing but with passion and hardworking today they know how to farm and they sell to spaza shops, streets vendors  and the entire community. 

One day they believe  that they will get recognized by the mining companies that are in their communities  and also get support  from them also 

Wa lala wasala…shoma motho wa mme shoma.

Temo ke lehumo.

By Mmathapelo Thobejane