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Meeting Mampa chief authority ( Based on various issues)

26/05/2021/Communitymonitor/Moshabi Selowa/Limpopo/Sekhukhune, Atok 

Moshabi Selowa

Monametse village Atok ( malengine section)

The community members of Mampa village gathered at chief authority on the 18th of may last week, under Macua, Wamua and Yamua which all generations around mining community affected.

The following where part of the meeting.

Chief Komane Mampa


Sekathi Mampa

Matladi mojela

Khunedi Mphoka

We supported our cdes: cdes Eunice and cde Concelia mojela

We focused on issues like incompliance of Sefateng Crome Mine.

This mine affect communities like Tjibeng and Mampa village as closer to this mine.

The mine SLP never complying to what they done since 2012 when operation takes place.

In 2014 community marched to such mine whereby one of their community member shoot and died, on the other side another person claim the chief crown.

The case opened about shot boy but no progress, too much remind process takes place.

So chief Komane Mampa request support about this case.

By Moshabi Selowa