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The covid-19 vaccine registration in Thulani Snake-park


Thoko Mtambo

Gauteng, Snake Park

National vaccination month has began, many elderly people around Thulani Snake-park are concerned because they don’t know how to use online registration site. Many don’t know how to use smart phones and they’re not yet registered on the Electronic Vaccination System.

On the 12 of June 2021 we went out door to door registering elderly people . Many of them are concerned that the vaccine might not reach them because they did not register on time , They want to know if it will be possible for them to get vaccinated in their homes. Some are afraid to go to the clinic because of long ques although many people wear masks but the is still lack in social distancing. They could be at high risk of contacting covid-19. We also spoke to a 63 year old men who has already been registered , he says community health care workers have assisted him. He has already received an SMS that he must go and get vaccinated at dobsonville clinic , he is not happy because that clinic is far and you have to catch a taxi. The old men wants the department of health to open facilities around Thulani Snake-park for people to get vaccinated , so that it will be easier and other old people can be incouraged to get vaccinated .