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Winter season kicks in with chilly winds

01 June 2021
By: Tshepo Mmusi

Winter season has finally arrived and chilly weather conditions will see many people keeping indoors. Today’s weather forecast shows areas in provinces such as Kwa Zulu natal, Eastern Cape, Gauteng, and Mpumalanga experiencing rainfalls and this results in many areas across the country hit by cold winds. Temperatures in many areas are predicted to drop below -0 degree Celcius by the end of the week. And in our mother town of Klerksdorp the weather will be at -1 degree Celcius, and residents should keep warm by wearing warm clothing and warm themselves with any means at their disposal.

What does this cold weather mean to our current state of the pandemic of covid 19 we are faced with, as many areas are declared red zones and the country in a thread of facing a third wave of the pandemic. It simply means that the virus spread more easily in cold weather conditions, because at this point of time people get sick more often from cold and flue.
The country is now at alert level 2 of lockdown, and people should adhere to restrictions and take extra caution during this time. Citizens who are already vaccinated should also adhere to prevention measures and restrictions, those who are still to receive it be patient to wait for their turn to be vaccinated.

Parents should ensure that their children are warmly dressed and that they are wearing their face masks whether at home or school at all times. Everyone who can afford flu vaccination is advised to go for vaccination to their doctors or any pharmaceutical outlet of their choice. Everyone, happy winter!