Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Kgang Moloko

Phokeng village

RUSTENBURG Local Manicipality

Bojanala District

29 July 2021

As an activist it has been difficult to make a report due to covid19 as I have had 2 covid deaths in a space of 4 days with one passing on from covid 18 days after vaccination which left family members puzzled now the answer is the deceased had blood pressure and diabetes a conclusion is that people must make sure that any sickness they have must be under control and flue symptoms must rather delay vaccination.

As an activist I’m currently in isolation I have had symptoms and sick for a while, had to go an test and waiting for results with some close contacts testing positive, one of the difficult part is isolating from ones kids who as much as they are informed about covid19 they would refuse to stay away from a parent and for their safety they had to be moved away. In conclusion isolating from  people while waiting for results is important as much as waiting is straining.