Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Anglo vs Cluster 1 Business Communities

Kgothatso Huma


Bojanala District


A company from Johannesburg has identified an opportunity of training people and supplying Anglo with qualified employees of certain skills. The only problem is that, out of many training centres in Rustenburg, having been in business for the past years, why have they’ve been appointed?

They are Registered as a local company, which is a lie. A source has linked the company with a certain member of Anglo to have fabricated the whole process to benefit a certain individual.

The business community are well aware of what Business being a competition, they haven’t thought of closing the training centre and we don’t believe they will. The only worry is of Anglo claiming to be transparent but knowing well that they have their own agendas driven in a motive whereby a certain individuals or group are benefiting in behalf of the localise.