Author: Tshepo Mmusi

Area: Klerksdorp

Date: 12 July 2021

After the former president Jacob Zuma has handed himself over to serve his fifteen months sentence, the country is experiencing hostility. This unrest, looting and criminal vandalism was first experienced in Kwa Zulu Natal province and later spread to Gauteng province. Media reports and videos on social media has shown disturbing pictures and videos of people looting and causing damage to private property. As a result this has made many businesses across the province to close down its doors fearing their business and property will be damaged and looted.

The city of Klerksdorp came to a stand still and quietness looming the city as business was closed early than normal. It is also reported that Tower mall in Jouberton was closed at early hours than usual and police visibility is very strong. It is expected that violence and looting will continue in the coming days.