Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Covid -19, 1 death case in Ikemeleng

Buti Botopela

Ikemeleng, kroondal

Rustenburg local municipality


Ikemeleng community is an informal settlement made up by tobacco farmers and mine workers mine workers who opted for living allowance instead of hostel accommodation over  60 years ago. The settlement is located +-7km outside Rustenburg CBD.

On the 12th July my neighbour’s who are both over 60 and traditional healers. The married couple were infected with covid possibly from their clients from all over South Africa. On the 16th July around 03:00am the wife started to have a short breath and suddenly died.

During an interview with Son Eddie. He said “am afraid and scared for our lives and now the family is living with fear especially the  children since they witnessed the death of their mother, and the funeral arrangement are made in Westonaria over the weekend”.

When we concluded the  interview he also added that  “as a family, we edge everyone who got in contact with the family to consult with the clinic in Ikemeleng to stop the spread of covid  and possible deaths”.