Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Letray Sefikile Project

Amo Tshabalala

30 July 2021

Sefikile village under Moses Kotane Local Municipality in North West…

This is one of the biggest project we have have ever had in ages in our community. This is one of our biggest victory ever since we haven’t had anything since the operation of the mine Siyanda Bakgtla Platinum Mine.

We negotiated this project on our own as is one of the biggest fishes that we have been looking at as a community, Sefikile community. Is one of the fishes that we kept our eyes on ever since now that we got it we are looking at other big fishes. It does operate like salvage yard some how as it will be doing a lot of fixing and renewing mining tools and e.t.c.

Now we are busy negotiating the commitment of the mines that surround us as the Sefikile community that they will bring their broken staff to us and up to so far everything is good as one the the mines said they are committed and this is what they have been waiting for from the communities and we are the first community to have something like that in ages.