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New mine opening Nucu Chrome

30 July 2021

Phokeng Rustenburg

Tumi Mokgatle

A new chrome mine called Nucu Chrome is opening it operation in Phokeng

The mine was used with the license to operate in 1989 by the then Bophuthatswana government. They were not able to operate since then. However in the early 2000s they tried to commence with operation only to halt until now. The operation will be just behind a section called Lemenong and adjacent Bobuampya.

In its operation they were meet by some opportunist group who claim to own the land. The opportunist are a group calling themselves Bashiga. The mine however promise to offer jobs for the locals and is expected to operate for over 10 years. They will also mine PMG onside and many hope they will finally be able to work as jobs are highly scarce.