Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Unrest in the country opening for criminals

Petrus Moshe


18 July 2021

Whilst the Violence is sparking in all the Corners in the Country which has political root which has opened doors for opportunistic criminal elements to loot and destruct essentials business and infrastructure. The residents of Mahikeng deem it

 necessary to take a resonate decision that enough is enough they won join any forms of Vandalism and destruction tactics which has affected them in the past, amidst previous violence spark in the Province as the result of looters. It through that vandalism, destruction and looting contributed immensely to job loosers, adequate services renders to assist community came standstill, hence a spoken, of Security  Agency ,Buti  Kenalemang, they saw the need to  protect properties, against any form of violence,

The community united  together going all night till 13/03/2021 in the morning. The Structures which participated in this coincided effort to raise up to defend their community properties were Unemployed Security Officials, Business owners, South African Civic Association and Community members. Due to this collectively and united action in Province against looting has opened any eye for other Province, also here Klerksdorp, Tshidi Dodovu said so.