Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Visual meeting between DMRE, Khuthala Environmental Care Grou and Small Scale mining draft policy’s Team


DMRE was doing a consultation on Artisan and small scale mining and also was responding to all Stakeholders that forwarded their submission on ASM draft policy’s. The consultation was a respond to all the interested and affected parties.
KHUTHALA in collaboration with Ermelo Community Artisanal Miners (ECAM) and National Association of Artisanal Miners (NAAM)were supporting they are submmitions doing oral presentation. Where artisanal miners on the ground were given an opportunity to express themselves on their daily struggle. Also Khuthala environmental Care Group presented their roles and responsibilities on the artisan mining sector. Also doing an oral presentation on environmental sector and giving clearity on the relationship or link between artisanal miners and environmental group.
Artisan miners where stating they’re daily challenges were by others witnessing death and experiencing sickness