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Why am I an activist

Joe Mashilo


29 July 2021

Why I am an activist Activism is my way of life, on a daily basis, as I walk through the dusty streets of Jouberton, I  seriously get disturbed  by what I see, there are so many social ills pervading my community, and I realised that some of these ills like corruption has now been normalised. I must say, i honestly find it hard to sit back and absolutely do nothing when people are poor, unemployed, landless and homeless maybe just mention a few of this social ills. It is a right thing for me, and a civil duty to step in and contribute in whatever form, this contribution no matter how big or small it is, will certainly change someone’s life and eventually my community. I am a compassionate someone and i will not rest until the life’s and living conditions of the people in my community has changed. What we see is the rich people who getting more richer and the poor people getting more poorer, this needs to change