Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Kgang Moloko

Phokeng village

Rustenburg Local Municipality

I have spent time in Tlhabane township which is within Rustenburg Local Municipality …with so many communities struggling with water at the township thousands of litres go to waste.

When the township doesn’t have water they use fire hydrants on the streets to collect water,but few used to close them after,now the water is running 24 hours  from the hydrants..this is happening at GG section i asked one lady why they let water go to waste like that, she said they tried to close them but they always find them opened even when there is water supply in the township and the reason is there is a yard with about 20 houses with tenants,the landlord is not paying water services and the municipality shut their water supply now the tenants use the fire hydrants to collect water.

When the community ask them to close the hydrants they say it is a community  infrastructure and they can use it the way they want and the people do not loose anything from the running water now the community has given up on closing the hydrants as they keep on opening them.