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Climate change

Communitymonitorsalerts/2021/07/27Boitumelo Thobejane/Limpopo/Sekhukhune/Feta-Kgomo municipality/ Mototolong village

Motse river its one of the big river that supply Oliphant with water, growing up this was the only source water villages in my

neighbourhood fetch water. Spiritual and traditional people used to come here and fetch water at Letamong for their Spiritual purposes, cleansing and baptism happened here. But about 15 years ago people stopped because of the scarcity of water and the water quality its very bad since the introductions of mining in my area. One of the problems is that all mines’ operations are at the upper stream and there’s no way people can avoid all this.

This area used to always have clean water and enough water throughout the year but now everything changed.

This area bad things happen few years ago 2 kids drown here and 5 survived. This area use to be a sort of entertainment area for kids, but now this is a hazard for people and animals.

The department of water and sanitation

need to fence this area so that people even animal don’t cross over because  it’s a hazard and very dangerous.

By:Boitumelo Thobejane