Rapule Moiloa
Riverlea Gauteng south of Jo’burg

Riverlea is one of the affected communities affected by mines and illegal mining in the south of Jo’burg.

Community members of sand street in Riverlea extension complains about the unfinished work that begun when Jeff makhubo was still alive and was the mayor of the city of Jo’burg and the community complained about the floods when it is rainy season.

We all know how good politicians are when they want to be voted for they come to poor people to encourage votes.

People of Sand street in Riverlea are concerned about the unfinished work commenced while Jeff Makhubo was alive and a mayor of Jo’burg who passed away and JRA dugged trenches and the work was not completed and these is a risk and will have have an impact on the lives of the community of Sand street due to the running water from the stream not far from the community as rainy season approaches.