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Communitymonitorsalert/2021/30/07/Kamogelo Mogashoa/Limpopo/Sekhukhune/Makhuduthamaga municipality,Ga-Mogashoa

Most of youth today they are addicted to alcohol and drugs as a result of peat pressure amongst them. Youth drop out from schools when they reach high school this is the result of parents that are not raising their kids well because kids of today are not undermining parents.

Now corruption and killings are very high in our community, high rate of pregnancy and hunger. There’s a decrease of developments in our communities because our youth don’t show case their talents but concentrating in drugs.

Parents have tried their best but nothing good came out of it.

I personally think if youth can unite and have some conversation around the drugs abuse and alcohol, we can change the situation and win. We must stop depending on our government to change this situation.

“Tlogatloga etloga kgole modishi wa dikgomo otswa natso shakeng” This means we must teach our children while still young so that they will grow up well.

By: Kamogelo Mogashoa