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Ivanplats mine not engaging in good faith.

30/06/2021/ Margret Molomo/Limpopo, Mokopane

 Follow-up story. Margaret Molomo Mokopane Mogalakwena municipality.
30 June 2021

Our negotiations with Ivanplats mine are not going well after we wait for a period of two months. Ivanplats was secretly engaging with community members that the mine took their farming areas for storm water drain and for the storage tailings, to bribe them to take the money  an amount of R5000.a year. Which is not the amount that we agreed on during the negotiations. Unfortunately community members from Ga Kgubudi village disagreed with the mine.But sam community members of Tshamahanzi had taken the money because the mine had given the traditional leaders of Tshamahanzi an amount of R360 000. FOR a bribe. We took the matter to the department of Land reform. We even told the department that the three traditional leaders who took the money from the mine, The department must demand the money back. This is fraud. We are still waiting to go to court with the mine on the 5th of July.