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Land pollution

Communitymonitorsalerts/2021/07/30/Mosamedi Molin/Limpopo/Sekhukhune/Feta-Kgomo municipality

Mogabane village

30July 2021

This harmful pollution is on the rise of its all-time maximum. The government and organisations are working on their level best to minimise this pollution but it is necessary that we should also contribute to it in addition making some small changes in our daily lives. We can lower the amount of land pollution from the environment.

Use biodegradable products instead of non-biodegradable as they are easy to dispose off and are pretty much safe for the environment. Separate the wet and dry waste and for assuring this the

government has to put green and blue dustbins all over the villages so that waste can be easily treated according to their nature.

Land pollution can only be controlled if with the government we also contribute to it and our contribution requires us to use fewer amounts of products that cause land pollution also we should make it our duty to sort out the waste and avoid the usage of non-biodegradable products.

By: Molin Moseamedi