Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Normandien egg factory farm works on the strike.

Date: 27/08/2021
Name: Zamokwakhe Shabalala
Place: Newcastle
Municipality: Newcastle Local Municipality
Province: KwaZulu Natal


The residents and the Works of Normandien farm had a strike, because they were not happy with the way their owner and illegal treated they get at the workplace.
Workers on this farm were asked to take off their clothes at the gate, worse in front of the security and take a shower naked. This is being happening for years. They’ve tried to engage with the owner and he should increase their wages also bare in mind to improve their working conditions but they failed. They talked to the Union Representatives but they failed to assist and the shop steward would not help them.

They approached Sisonke Environmental Justice Network a Community Organisation and its only Organisation that deals with Human Rights Violation and Environmental Eights issues. They get helped from the Organisation. We as the above mentioned Organisation start with march applications to stop this Normandien egg factory to operate. A march was applied but it was denied due to unmentioned reasons and were granted to picket.

We did a picket and the owner of Egg Factory their took a memoradum. The police was there to observe and Community was blocked from the gate nobody was allowed to go in or out. In 2019 they called a meeting to addressed the issues and the resolution to the workers.
They promise to provide a Community Workers with a transport, because they’re travel along distances and their promised to increase they’re wage as well. They’ve apologized to all workers about this incidents that was happening inside the Company.

Since we’ve resolved this issue we never heard any stories about the Egg Factory Farm.