Tunatazama - Community Monitors

The burning of waste

DATE: 24 AUGUST 2021
MUNICIPALITY:Emalahleni Local Municipality


The illegal dump at Marikana in ext 12 Emalahleni next to the road leading to the cemetery and the mine is being destroyed .

The residents of Marikana have been complaining about the illegal dump and holes dug by the people selling the sand was causing problems to them as some people’s throw dead animals and it was a hidding place for thieves at night . In the name of development the municipality has clean the place destroying the illegal dump and filling the holes with the gabbage from the dump.

When asking the TLB operator what was going on he said development has come and the municipality will build a mall in that place .

The nearby houses that are affected will be moved to the new place next tothe cemetery. The people staying there were told that the place was a Bussiness site so they mustn’t build permanent house for they entered by force .

I am going to follow up as some of the community members despite being told not to build permanent houses they did and they are unwilling to relocate.