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Waste in Sansloot

Communitymonitorsalerts/2021/07/27 Prety Ndaba/Limopo/Mokopane/ Sandsloot Mabusela/Masenya

Mogalakwena Local municipality



Pretty Ndaba


Municipality promised to take care of the environment in Sansloot in terms of cleaning the place in a way of collecting dirty pampers in that place. They used to collect them but now are tired if I may put it in that way. People are experiencing polluted damage that side, they found a bush like to litter their pampers and the place they litter to, is next to houses; they are not even safe due to that littering, They will be affected.

Municipality stopped helping them last year 2020 May then from there, they didn’t bother to come and help in collecting the waste pampers…If that issue is not attended soon then we will hear bad report about the lives of people, it means people’s lives are in  danger.

When the wind blows the pampers goes all over the places and they don’t even have plastics to put those waste pampers. People of Sansloot needs justice.

By: Pretty Nkele Ndaba