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Water Problem in Makhuduthamaga

Communitymonitorsalerts/2021/07/28/Mmabore Mogashoa/Limpopo/Sekhukhune/Makhuduthamaga municipality,Ga-Mogashoa village

 Ga-Mogashoa and surrounding villages in Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality have been experiencing water problems for years. People have been collecting water in Semene River and some push wheelbarrows from Mashengwaneng that is next to the main road to Schonoord. At first people used to get help from traditional leaders but now most of the work is done by the Municipality. There is a water project that started in 2020 at Ga-Mogashoa but it has not finished yet and people need water for everyday use. We have seen few villagers making their own boreholes and on 27 July 2021 one villager  did the same because no one knows when the water project will be completed. The soil is red, it is winter and

there is no rain. More water is needed because there is dust everywhere. For now people have to buy or collect water because the only options is to make their own boreholes or wait until the project is finished.