Tunatazama - Community Monitors

28 September 2021
Modimolle village
Fetakgomo tubatse municipality
By Eustina Matsepane

Our Motse river

I remember when I was still young 1989_1994
Our rivers were flowing each and everyday, but now became dry because of this climate we are living in,I remember we were using our rivers to drink and making some washing as well as other household chores. there is another kind of tree inside the river called lehlaka- noka our grand mother’s used it to make traditional Matt( legoga) but know that kind of tree is becoming scarce in other rivers.

So now our new generation don’t know anything about our culture because we are leaving in another kind of culture whereby we live the western and forget our African traditions, the Motse river is becoming dry and no living creatures are found, all this await for the rain so it can flow again.