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Dirty Coal Used in the Home is A Killer

5th May 2022

Zama Mabila

Dirty Coal used in homes is a killer

Searching for job without success led some people to do jobs they never thought they can do. Witbank is well-known as a place of coal which come to most people as a place where everyone can get jobs without suffering.

After children’s and people’s finished matric and colleges, universities they relocate to the place of coal in search of greener pastures and once they fail  they look for any work to survive. Many have turned to selling coal which they get from abandoned coal mines.

This coal is not clean. When used in the home burning this coal  is dangerous , especially to children and old people. The coal is not washed after extraction.

The community is not aware that coal is a killer and is not good for the livelihood of humanity.

The mines is largely to blame because they just abandon mimes and do not close it properly

31stAugust 2018

Susan Moraba, 2018/08/31

Emalahleni is a city of coal whereby coal mining is everywhere and many of the old mines are underground and the recent ones are open cast mines. There are many abandoned mines like in Coronation, MNS/ Jackaroo park, Vosman and in other surrounding areas. People in this areas depend on the dirty coal which they dig for fire and for selling as most are unemployment. Imbawula is the most used fire method to keep themselves warm and others use to cook. The smoke is not safe more especially when put indoors as the coal slate that they dig is not good for people’s health.