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Electricity For The Community

John Taolo
28 September 2021
Hwashi Difagate – Limpopo
Fetakgomo Municipality

As part of the community of Hwashi Difagate had no electricity for years, in the past 2 and half months the municipal finally had a budget for those with no electricity to have. Eskom and the municipal awarded a contractor to install the electricity for the community which was supposed to take 3 months to install 75 households and to reinstall old electricity faults whereby the cables were not in eskom’s standard. The community relied on collecting fire wood, gas stoves and using paraffin for cooking purposes and using candles and rechargeable lights for lighting.
Some community members who didn’t have electricity, where supplied with solar panels which they paid for monthly in order for them to be maintained. As electricity is installed those with solar panels will be removed and supplied to those with no electricity upon application.
There is now light and no more darkness in the community. Everyone in the community is pleased with the work that Eskom and the municipal has done despite the coming local elections underway.