DATE :15 September 2021
NAME:Ronald Mhlakaza PLACE:Vosman
MUNI :Emalahleni Local Municipality
PROVI:Mpumalanga Province


                _                           Community of Marikana in need of electricity they have decided to elegally connect electricity to a electric box that was left unlocked by Eskom .The  community members says the box was there and it belongs to the owner of the plot but due to electricity need they have decided to connect from the box and they have found that box there. 

The community of Marikana is affected negatively, the whole area is connected to that one box and other houses are far from that box, you will find that they are stealing the connectection cables from each other and it caused conflict within the community, you will find connection cables crossing the streets not covered when you touch their baricading fence you can be electruted is not safe for everyone.

The electric box it’s over loaded it trips now and then is not covered when it’s raining it course’s a electric spark, they have to buy connecting cables now and again and thieves stole it and they are fighting over that electric box because everyone wants to connect, children play with this electric cables it’s very dangerous.

Eskom is now afraid to come and disconnect the electric box they have reported the matter to the municipality for they won’t go there alone without the eskom employees and the police in order to remove the box .