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Low Eskom Cable on the main road!

Kgothatso Huma
Thekwane Village
Rustenburg Local Municipality
North West


It was on the 22nd when a truck finally hooked the electricity cable which crosses through the main Street in Thekwane, and it broke. Leaving 10 household without electricity.

Two days before the incident, I took a photo when a low bed truck transporting an Excavator nearly broke the cable. The Excavator hooked the cable, even though the truck driver tried to avoid the cable by swaying the truck outside the road. Luckily we were there to notify the truck driver to stop, and he was able to climb on top of the excavator and used a broom to lift up the cable for him to pass.

Two days later without no one checking out the cable, a truck pulling a high carriage hooked the cable and it finally broke. We had been in communication with Eskom workers to do something about it and they failed to do so. After the incident, we called Eskom to come fix the cable as the cars were busy going through the cable, remember it is the mainsroad and +/- 20 cars passes within a minute. Their response was that, they will come after an hour but they came the next day at 11:30 before noon.

The cable has been fixed, but what frustrates us is that they had to wait for an incident to occur before fixing the problem.