Tunatazama - Community Monitors

No to Kwezi Mine’s operation

Name:sibusiso zwane
Village:Normanden farm
Municipality:Newcastle Municipality


In 2018 Kwezi Mine wanted to relocate Magayimbuzi residents without they concern. The mine also wanted to do it’s operation where there was graves of the resident’s four fathers.
They were not promising to help them to relocate, pity again the mine owners were not even uplifting Local Economy with community members. They came with they’re own contractors and they’re staff members. So literally Ikwezi mine was taking all from Mbabane community without they’re concerns.

Kwezi mine was trying to extract coal at DanHouser Mbabane village,at a farm called
Magayimbuzi farm.

Mbabane village residents has been left no with graising land for live-stock, no clean water from the river. Water for residents to do they’re laundry and no proper homes for Magayimbuzi residents.

Trust fund for community can help on ensuring that community can further they’re life’s through education and business. The Mine must prioritise Mbabane residents. They must acknowledge the community first in whatever they’re providing to community members.

Provide education or skills development to community who does not have one and hire community members first and others can be considered.