Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Poor air quality

Date: 16 September 2021

Name: Ronald Mhlakaza

Municipality: Emalahleni local municipality
Province: Mpumalanga


I believe breathing is not a choice but something that we have to do in our daily lives but the Community of Vosman have found themselves having no choice but to breath polluted air every day,. The community of Vosman have no where to run nor hide as its been years living under this hell called city of coal.

Vosman is surrounded by industries, Coal fired power stations, coal Mining and their daily operations is affecting people’s lives because they don’t just pollute, people are sick .It affects everyone ,people are suffering from diseases like asthma Chronic disease, lung cancer, Sinuses.

Blasting from the nearby surrounding opencast mines courses cracks in their houses dust goes straight to the community causing sickness, shortage of water as the water is been polluted, also affects the electricity.

We think the industries should reduce their emissions, the coal mines should finish the coal and close down the mines because they have already started, and Air Quality officials must make sure that Air Quality Act is being followed and compliance be done CEO’s must be hold accountable for the pollution as there is no accountability and transparency in the departments.