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protect our heritage

26 September 2021
Tshehlwaneng, Sekhukhune
Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality
By Mmabore Mogashoa

September is heritage month in Africa. People celebrate their roots, culture, food, drinks, attire and share indegineous knowledge. Our heritage is slowly disappearing because of what we as people are doing to nature. September is a month of ‘mabupudu” in Sepedi language, an indegineous fruit found in the Limpopo mountains and other areas in Africa. The tree that bears the fruit is also used for crafting, medicinal purposes and other benefits like any other plants.

09 September 2021, I took a taxi to Jane furse and sat next to a young man. There was a bucket in the taxi and when I asked him if the bucket belongs to him, he said yes. I asked if he is selling mealies he said no. He opened the bucket. He was selling ‘mabupudu’. This fruit is yellow when ripe and have a sweet taste. Some collect and pour boiling water on them to make prevent roughness taste after eating. He went to fetch them from GaSekele mountains next to schonoord and going to sell at Jane furse plaza. A cup cost R10 and I bought 2 packets. He decided to sell the fruits because his classes were not the whole week. A young learner who saw a business opportunity. This made me realize how our heritage is important. While walking at plaza people asked me what was in the plastic and I had to explain. This shows that our heritage is disapearing and some does not even know about it. We now have so many deseases and climate crisis because of cutting indegineous trees. Some trees were able to prevent bad things from entering areas and now we are suffering because people cut trees without knowing the benefits and protection they have.