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School children struggling with transport

John Taolo
29 September 2021
Hwashi Difagate Limpopo
Fetakgomo Municipal

School children from Hwashi Difagate community have been struggling with school transport since early 2020 after the Corona virus was declared in the country. The children are traveling for more than 2 km to and from school. The nearby mine used to have a bus for both villages of hwashi difagate and matimatsatsi to nearby villages because they don’t have schools in these villages. The children are from pre primary (grade t) to high school.
Since the pandemic started the children are going to school on alternative days whereby parents have to look for transport to transport them to and from school which they use bakkies and those children that their parents are not affording to pay have to travel off by foot. As negotiations are still in place for the mine to return the bus in the meantime the children are using other hired transport to go to school.The parents of the kids complained to their counselor and community director about their children’s safety more especially that is rainy seasons and when it’s raining children font go to school because there is no alternative road as the road is muddy and slippery and using the mine road needs transport.