Tunatazama - Community Monitors

The unmaintained dusty road

Monametse Village
Atok malengine section
Limpopo province
Fetakgomo/ Tubatse municipality.
By Moshabi Selowa

Monametse is located at north-east of Fetakgomo/Tubatse municipality at Braakfontein farm which is near Braakfontein shaft whereby the gravel road used is impacting on the health and environment of the community nearby and which is shared by mine vehicles.

The village still have challenges in accessing the road which was meant for the community which now is shared with the mines and they are not being safe. The gravel road that was used have a bad impact to the community at large,
The road owners are Bokoni platinum mines under Anglo American platinum mines, which divides community in to two dangerous angles.

Community members have been experiencing environmental health risk since 2017 September when the mine was placed under care and maintenance stage.
However their maintenance stage should involve the road for dust and cleaning the roads because main roads are constructed by mine waste rock, which leads to lack of transportation from point A-B.

We engaged the mine several times about the issue with no clear response about it. We feel to escalate the matter to Anglo American platinum mines for clear response about who’s hired to operate Braakfontein shaft.
Along the road there is a pipeline that runs from the mine to Braakfontein shaft which contains water and air as extension supply from UM2 shaft, which also put community in a dangerous situation because it’s close to other houses.