Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Water services to the community

Water resource extension to the New-Stand of rural communities.

Since population is growing there is high demand of water as part of service delivery to the disadvantaged communities and also water is one of the most important requirements to comply with covid-19 condition.

Most of the people in rural areas are still struggling to access water where they had to push wheelbarrows to get water.

In 2016 there was a project where steel tank and water pipes were installed for the community to have water but the project was never completed due to failure to install a transformer at the steel tank.

When we contacted the municipal to find out what was the problem, there seemed that there was a misunderstanding between the contractor and the municipality regarding the tender details where the installation of the transformer was not part if the job.

The municipal should deliver water using water tanks trucks on a weekly basis to ensure that the community gets water as water is one of the daily basic needs. Conduct community water awareness to the people around who have borehole in their yards to share Water with other disadvantaged people. Advice the community to use gray water to water their plants instead of using clean water.