Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Date: 10/q10/2021

-Name: Ronald mhlakaza

-Place: Vosman

-Munucipality: Emalahleni municipality -Province: Mpumalanga

Illegal miners are fighting over old coal mines that is abundant by companies , illegal miners taking over those coal mines mining illegally now they are fighting over the coal everyone of them need a piece of a pie, and now are robbing each other they don’t agree they are divided into groups. – -all this activity it’s taking place at Emalahleni area from this abundant coal mine left without rehabilitation it gives a chance to people to go there and mine Illegally without permission -. -people who are most affected are family’s because those illegal miners are also members of the community, father to someone, brother to someone, they end up killing each other their fight ended up coming within the community. – -killing each other within our community innocent people get killed we are no longer safe, children left without their Fathers. – -DMRE should take full responsibility making sure this mines are rehabiliated, Government should create more jobs use the mining area building Solar plants .