Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Awareness campaign on climate change and domestic violence

Name: Zamokwakhe Shabalala
Date: 10- 10-2021
Place: Normandien
Municipality: Dannhouser
Province: KwaZulu-Natal
Topic: Heritage Day celebration and Climate Change awareness


On 26 September 2021 we were celebrating a heritage day at Normandien with Rural community who are land less and affected by mining and propose Fracking.

This day was used as an awareness to bring back our culture and Heritage, and also we educated the people about producing organic food which is healthy from the soil, by doing that we were teaching people to stop cunsuming chemical food with GMO’s.

We need a community to use a land and Produce their own and supply to the markets. We also spoke about Gender base violence directed to children and women. We are trying to fight inequality and abuse of women and children in rural areas who are still oppressed by Culture.

Climate change is a major crisis, the country is going through drought atoms and heavy rains which comes with floods and global warming so we raise awareness about climate change and how to mitigate the climate change impacts.

We told the community about corporate industries which produce steel and electricity which are the cause of climate change because they use coal for burning and they don’t comply with emissions standards.

Our event was blessed by the performance of local artists.