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Burning of mountains must stop.

Fire in Hwashi Difagate Community

By John Taulo
26 October 2021

Fetakgomo municipality

Limpopo province

Burning of mountain fields is a serious problem in the rural areas and it also poses a risk to the wild animals as well as the community at large. As the community rely on natural water sources from the mountains, burning of the fields caused them a loss as they have to buy new water pipes to connect water from the sources.

Normally you will only notice the fire during the month of August but this year it happened twice. The community members was left without the natural water due to the fire which no one knew who caused it.
With water as the Purified is only opened for 2 days in a week and I have to People in the community now suffer firewood and pipes that carry water from the mountains to the community and getting herbs from their trees.
Mountains are even getting burned for proper views,and it causes air pollution in the community that can harm the peoples lungs and the fire also approaches the houses of the residents.All residents aren’t happy with what is being done to their beautiful land and trees that provide them with firewood.Pipes carried water for the community and they got burned,water from the mountain is no longer being provided.
The community love their land as it is and wish to keep it like that,trees and mountians have the most valueable things to the community.The burning of mountains and trees must be stopped in the community for better life to the residents.